Swedes Invade World Fantasy

Some of you may remember that last year there was a crowd-sourced appeal to send Charles Tan to the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego. The appeal made so much money that it was possible to roll finds forward into this year and let someone else go to Toronto. As Lavie Tidhar reports, this year’s beneficiaries are two young Swedish writers, Karin Tidbeck and Nene Ormes. Ann & Jeff VanderMeer are also helping with the costs. I met Karin & Nene at Ă…con earlier this year and I can assure you that they are lovely people. I’ve not read much of their work, but Jeff & Ann love them, and that should be enough for you too. If you happen to be at World Fantasy, please make them welcome.

3 thoughts on “Swedes Invade World Fantasy

  1. Yay!
    If they don’t have rooms arranged, they might want to know that both the con hotels are full, but the Garden Inn by Hilton across the road has space.

  2. Of course, if you’re in Europe and can’t go to World Fantasy Con, they’ll both be in Swecon in Uppsala, Sweden, in October.

    (This message was brought to you by the Swecon commitee.)


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