Serah Eley on StarShipSofa

The latest edition of the StarShipSofa podcast includes an interview with a trans woman, Serah Eley. Tony Smith kindly gave me a preview of this one and I found it fascinating. Unlike me, Serah came into her understanding of her trans identity quite late in life. Her experience is just as valid as mine, but it is one that is only rarely seen in media coverage of trans issues. So well done to Tony and Serah for doing this interview. I hope it helps dispel some stereotypes.

One thought on “Serah Eley on StarShipSofa

  1. I have to admit that it took a bit for the coin to drop about who Serah Eley was, partly because I first saw it with her surname misspelled.

    I’ve always respected her work and, until I switched over to Scrivener, still used code partly bodged together from hers, along with code I added.

    May she find great success and happiness.

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