So I had eaten rather well at the GoH luncheon (and listened to an entertaining speech by Vernor Vinge). I was not planning to have dinner. But I got kidnapped by Farah and Javier Martinez and taken off to what Javier claims is the second best fish restaurant in the whole USA. It is, I think, where Charles went for his annual crab fix last night, and he was very happy with it. Anyway, the place is called MoonFish, and the fish was indeed excellent. I don’t recommend the sushi, because I’ve been taken out to sushi restaurants by Mr. Gaiman who is what you might call “an expert”. But by all means eat fish. Eat lots of fish. The starter platter was excellent, including the best crab cakes I’ve ever had and some very good coconut shrimp. For main course I had a whole yellowtail platter. That’s fish just the way we felines like it: the whole thing, head included, lightly grilled, nothing else. Yum! There is no need to have dessert, especially not the chocolate cake they had on offer which could have faced down a Robert Jordan novel in a heavyweight wrestling contest.