P-Con GoH Speech – Nick Harkaway

The P-Con folks have uploaded a video of Nick Harkaway’s Guest of Honour speech to YouTube. They’ve done a fine job of it, which relieves me of the responsibility of processing my own footage. Nick is very funny, so do check it out. Due to YouTube upload limits it is broken into 6 parts as follows:

  • Part I (including why Nick no longer does scriptwriting and talks about his new book)
  • Part II (in which Nick talks about the SF v literature argument and his space opera in the style of Dylan Thomas)
  • Part IV (in which Nick talks about the 100 Stories for Haiti anthology and his wife’s human rights work)
  • Part V (in which Nick talks about Bletchley Park and other charity work)
  • Part VI (in which Nick reads from The Gone-Away World)
  • Part VII (more from The Gone-Away World)

No, I don’t know what happened to Part III.

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