OUTing the Past 2019 – Call for Papers

Fancy doing a presentation for next year’s LGBT History Month? Well you are in luck, because next year there are more hubs than ever. That means lots of opportunities. And it is great fun. Or at least I really enjoy it.

For more information about how to propose a talk, and an appliction form, see here. If you would like some advice on writing up your proposal, just get in touch. If they’ll let me do these things, anyone can do it. You have until Oct. 1st to submit your application, so there’s plenty of time.

If you are wondering where the hubs will be, as you don’t want to travel far, here’s the list: Bedford, Belfast, Birmingham, Bolton, Brighton, Derry/Londonderry, Leeds, Liverpool, London LSE, London National Maritime Museum, London Bishopsgate, Manchester, Taunton.

There will also be hubs in Bergen, Cork, Dublin, New York and Södertälje (Sweden), but I don’t think anyone will be paying international travel expenses. I’d love to do Dublin, but it clashes with other things.

You may have noticed that Bristol is not on that list. We do have plans, but the way that OutStories and M Shed likes to do these things doesn’t work well with how Schools Out operates, and in any case I have most of my speakers already lined up.