Nominee Time

The 2012 Hugo Award Nominees were announced this evening. You can find the full list here. Some brief commentary.

I am not on the ballot. I did not expect to be on the ballot. However, there are several Clarkesworld-related items on the ballot, and this pleases me greatly. Here they are.

E. Lily Yu’s fabulous “The Cartographer Wasps and the Anarchist Bees” is on the ballot for Short Story, and Lily is a nominee for the Campbell.

Catherynne M. Valente’s magnificent Silently and Very Fast is on the Novella list. It is free online in three parts, but why not give Cat some thanks and buy the whole thing as an ebook.

Neil Clarke is a nominee in Editor: Short Form. That’s very well deserved.

And finally, my friend Daniel M. Kimmel is a nominee in Related Work for his book, Jar Jar Binks Must Die … and other Observations about Science Fiction Movies. Some of the articles reprinted in that book first saw the light of day in the column I edited at Clarkesworld. Sadly for Dan he’s up against the behemoth that is the Science Fiction Encyclopedia, so I don’t think he has much chance, but I wish him all the best and am very proud.

My friends at BASFA have done very well. Chris Garcia is all over the ballot, but congratulations are also due to Spring Schoenhuth and Maurine Starkey who get their first and second ever nominations respectively in Fan Artist.

Talking of Chris, he’s got four separate nominations (though two are in the same category). The most I ever got at once was three. Seanan McGuire is also up for four categories, two of them as her Evil Twin, Mira Grant. Cat Valente is in three categories, including a first ever nomination for Apex in the Semiprozine category.

Two other nominees I am very pleased to see listed are Ken Liu, who has candidates in Novella and Short Story, and Karen Lord who is on the Campbell ballot.

Finally on the personal stuff, I am very happy for another Bay Area resident, Charlie Jane Anders, whose novelette, “Six Months, Three Days” I particularly loved.

As I noted on Twitter, not one of my nominees made it to the Best Novel short list. NOT ONE! I am totally outraged and will now go off and get very drunk, after which I will write a lengthy rant about how the Hugo Jury has failed in its duty and should be taken out and shot. But, being mildly sensible, even when drunk, I won’t post it.

More seriously, there are some very good books on that short list, and it will be hard to choose between them. I’m kind of hoping that George gets The Big One at last, if only because I was at TorCon 3.

9 thoughts on “Nominee Time

  1. Shot? Oh, come now. You don’t mean that.

    Surely they should be drawn and quartered, if anything. I mean…in for a penny, in for a pound, yes?

  2. You could, of course, execute every single member of the Hugo Jury in any way you liked and still not be guilty of a felony. What a lovely idea! However, you would have written fiction, which you claim not to do. (Go on! Do it anyway!)

  3. After all, what are fictional people for, if not to be bitten, infected, thrown out the airlock, defeated by magic (and Huorns), torn apart by rioting crowds, burned by dragons . . . Oops. Spoilers. Hugo Jury to be subjected to all forms of punishment occurring in nominated works. That’ll show ’em.

    (If the sentence extends to those who nominated said works, I’m in some trouble. Less than many, but definitely some. Of course, if the sentence is carried out, next year’s ballot will likely consist of strange new mild-mannered mashups, like “Pollyanna Uploads Her Favorite Memories.”) Clemency?

  4. Technicallly, it’s all the members of this Worldcon, the previous Worldcon and the next Worldcon. The people who don’t send in ballots are just abstentions.

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