New Zealand in 2020

So, the assembled overseas visitors enjoyed themselves so much at Au Contraire that they threw $20 bills at Norman Cates and encouraged him to bid for a Worldcon. It is all Sean Williams’ fault. He started it.

Quite how serious the Kiwis are about this remains to be seen. I think those who threw money today have got their money’s worth already. But if they do decide to go through with it I think it is definitely possible.

Also a lot of Australians will be very grateful at the thought of a decade off.

4 thoughts on “New Zealand in 2020

  1. Bloody Hell … and I thought that I was being impossibly far sighted when I suggested in Con Coms, way back when in the late ’80s of the last century, that at least two, Ideally Three, Years would be about right if Eastercon ..and certainly Eurocon .. wanted to pull in commercial support from the Wild Wood of the World Outside of Fanndom for More Ambitious Programing!

    I do wish them well in their endeavor, and I DO like to think that N.Zealand … Really Does look like the world of Zena Warrior Princess.

  2. Day 1 of Aussiecon they had flyers, buttons, and t-shirts. Not to mention a Facebook page.

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