New Podcast: The Encyclopedia of SF

Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Graham Sleight about the new third edition of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction which is due to be launched any day now. Graham is the business manager for the enterprise. The encyclopedia is being written primarily by John Clute, David Langford and Peter Nicholls, with a large number of guest specialist contributors.

The official website of the new encyclopedia is here. There is also a working website here with sample entries and the contact form by which the editors can be contacted.

The encyclopedia blog, which Graham mentions in the interview, can be found here.

The new encyclopedia is part of the Gollancz SF Gateway project, which is online here.

The podcast will appear on the Salon Futura iTunes feed once the Apple people get around to processing it. In the meantime it is available here, or you can download the mp3 from this link.

2 thoughts on “New Podcast: The Encyclopedia of SF

  1. I’m hoping this will be as pleasurably infuriating as David Thomson’s ‘Biographical Dictionary of Film’, which is one of my favourite reference books even though I want to throw my copy at the cat as often as not.

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