My 2.5 Minutes of Fame

Yesterday afternoon I was contacted by the local ITV news to see if I could come on their show today and talk about trans stuff. I was on my way out to see a client, but I muttered something about my schedule and they said they’d get back to me. When I got home, around 11:00pm, I found an email asking me to be at their Bristol studios for 11:45 today. As that happened to be on my way to today’s client, whom I had to see at 12:30, it all worked perfectly.

Well, perfectly except that I then spent 2 hours doing research so was zombified this morning and running purely on caffeine. Fortunately they only wanted 2.5 minutes of interview, and they were very nice. I think I did OK on content. I know I did really badly on body language, but so it goes.

Anyway, I was on to talk about this lad. We barely scratched the surface of what I could have said about the issue, but at least things are getting into the media and not being treated as a joke.

This evening I had just got back as far as Bath when my phone went. The BBC local news wanted someone to talk trans stuff. Had the call be half an hour earlier I might have been able to do it (except that they would not have wanted me as I’d been on the opposition station that day). I understand that Steffi Barnett from Shout Out did the show. I hope they treated her as well as ITV treated me.