Murder Most Magical

The next Fringe event will be on Monday May 19th, and will feature Cavan Scott and Justin Newland. Details here. Before that, however, we have an additional event for Bristol folks.

On Friday, May 16th at 7:00pm in Waterstones, Bristol I will be hosting “Murder Most Magical”, a presentation of fantasy-themed crime novels featuring Ben Aaronovitch, Paul Cornell and Jasper Fforde. The event is ticketed, costing £3, and currently you can only get tickets at the store. However, I’m sure local people can be persuaded to pop in on your behalf should you need them to. I suggest that you book up early, because this will probably sell out.

Thanks are due to CrimeFest, which is taking place in the city over that weekend. They kindly allowed us to borrow three of their guests for the evening.

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