Madeline Ashby Interview

One of the things I did while I was in Toronto was meet up with one the the most promising new feminist SF writers, Madeline Ashby. I had originally intended to do an interview with her for my Talking Books slot on Ujima Radio, but as Madeline and I got talking it soon became apparent that this was going to be too long for the show, and probably also it bit too academic for a mainstream radio audience. It is, however, a great interview, and Madeline has some fascinating things to say about how she uses the well-worn trope of the robot to ask interesting questions about gender.

Madeline’s new book, iD, isn’t out in print in the UK until next week, but the ebook and North American releases are tomorrow, so this is an ideal time to air the interview. Hopefully most of you can see the media player below, but for those who can’t you can also find it here, or download it directly from this link. As and when Apple get their act together, it will also appear in the Salon Futura podcast feed.