Last Minute Shopping Under a Gibbous Moon

Forgotten someone this Christmas? Never fear, online shops never close, and I have the perfect gift for you! I am talking, of course, of An Abhorrent & Ancient Solstice, a squamous and eldritch collection of tentacle-fueled seasonal jollity now available from the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society as a digital download.

Sadly this one isn’t on it, but it gives you a good idea of what to expect.

While you are at the HPLHS store, you might like to check out their jazz album: Ogham Waite and the Amphibian Jazz Band Live at the Gilman House. It’s fabulous stuff. I’m particularly fond of “Somewhere Under the Ocean”. I can’t find that one on YouTube, but here’s an extract from “My Slimy Cephalopod”.

Of course you could always buy a book instead, but advertising my own store seems a bit unseasonal. To teach me a lesson, here’s the very wise Tom Lehrer.

Happy Winterval, everyone!

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