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Kaleidoscope, the proposed diverse YA anthology from Twelfth Planet Press, has reached it’s first funding goal. It looks like Pozible works in a slightly different way from Kickstarter, in that you don’t have to reach your funding target to get the money. So, although the target for Kaleidoscope is AU$12k, now that they have passed AU$7k they are able to publish their pre-contracted stories and can open up submissions to the rest of the world. Submission guidelines are here.

Of course if they only barely get over AU$7k then they won’t be able to buy many additional stories. There are still three days to go. You can back the project here. There are just three days to go.

Update: Alisa has just tweeted to tell me that Pozible is an all-or-nothing system like Kickstarter. If Kaleidoscope doesn’t make its funding goal, it gets no money. It is till more than AU$4k short. You can help.

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