Jeffrey Catherine Jones Film Update

Last year I blogged about a Kickstarter project to fund Better Things, Maria Paz Cabardo’s film of the life of Jeffrey Catherine Jones. The fundraiser didn’t make it, but the film still got made and, judging from the comments coming back about it from showings at film festivals, it is pretty good. It is also very much about art as well as about Jones, and I’m delighted to see people such as Moebius and Roger Dean involved.

I’m not going to be able to get to film festivals. I hope that it will be shown at World Fantasy, but there’s no guarantee of that; it’s just something I would want to do if I were running the con. But what we actually need is a DVD release. And lo, there is a fundraiser on IndieGoGo to facilitate just that. Do check out the video clips in the Gallery section.

Better Things