In Which I Do Politics

I’m going to be offline a lot over the next few days because I going to Manchester for the weekend. There I will be attending the first ever national conference of the Women’s Equality Party. In addition to participating in the main work of the conference — policy debates — I am also giving some workshops. WEP currently has trans-friendly policies, but they have come under sustained attack from the usual suspects who want them the denounce trans women. Hopefully I can do something about that. More generally I hope I can help WEP stay a party for women, and not become a party that is just for well-to-do middle class cis straight white women who live in London.

Along the way I should get to meet Jack Munroe, who seems a lovely person. There will be several more well-known people there too. I’m hoping a few of them turn up to my workshops, because some of them need to.

I have, of course, taken a good look at the Standing Orders for conduct of party business, and am once again struck by how good WSFS is at this sort of thing.