IMPAC Award Longlist

As literary prizes go, I am very fond of the IMPAC. It is international (though limited to the English language), and nominations are made by librarians rather than by literary critics, so it is much more likely to be in tune with what people are actually reading. This year’s long list has been announced. Here are a few books that have speculative elements (with links to my reviews where I have them):

People like Sam Jordison, Matt Cheney and Larry Nolen may have more to add to that list.

One thought on “IMPAC Award Longlist

  1. Just read your review of The Night Circus. Once again you’ve made me want to buy this book. You write great reviews.

    Recently finished 1Q84 and loved it. Despite it’s vast length – over 900 pages – the book is a delight to read and pulls the reader steadily along it’s several plot roads.

    I also have The Prague Cometary on my wish list. So yes, this librarian’s list seems like a winner.

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