ICFA Best Dressed Award

Emerald City readers will remember that when I go to posh, dressy events I have a habit of handing out a Best Dressed Award. Now that I have the ICFA photos available, you’ll be wanting to know who won. Well..

[simage=29,400,y,left] Jeana Jorgensen was a strong contender. I particularly liked the flower in the hair, which was a lovely touch.

[simage=27,400,y,left] Stacie Hanes is always very stylish. This photo only shows the corset, not the leather pants.

[simage=34,400,y,left] But for this convention I’m going with Lisa Yasek, both for this eye-catching dress, and…

[simage=36,400,y,left] … some very sfnal tattoos.

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