Hugos Webcast: The Replay

I have a press release from Chicon 7 announcing that the full webcast of the Hugo Award ceremony will soon be available from UStream. The key part of the text is as follows:

To makeup for the disruption to the original broadcast, Ustream will feature the full un-edited and bot-free ceremony on its Homepage this Sunday, September 9, starting at 7 p.m. CT. Ustream will also run the broadcast ad-free on the Worldcon Hugo Awards channel at, and provide additional marketing and promotional support to raise the profile of the event. The broadcast will subsequently be available from the same channel on an on-demand basis. Ustream has also offered additional support and publicity for the streaming of future Hugo Award Ceremonies for upcoming Worldcons in San Antonio, TX (2013) and London, UK (2014).

Well done Dave McCarty for negotiating this. I’m now thinking that it was a stroke of genius on Kevin’s part to ask the out-going Worldcon chair to replace René Walling as chair of the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee, because it gave Dave exactly the right hats he needed to do this. Of course we had no idea it would be needed, but we’ll take the coincidence and run with it.

One thought on “Hugos Webcast: The Replay

  1. As I tweeted somewhere, there could not have been a better spot in the broadcast for the stream to be interrupted for maximum piss-off and publicity potential than the middle of Neal’s acceptance.

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