Here Comes The Insect Invasion

Today John Scalzi and Mary Robinette Kowal have been having a bit of fun with the fact that younger (which I think means under the age of 70) members of SFWA have been described as a “‘vocal minority’ of insects”. With a little bit of help from Ursula Vernon, who drew the recruiting posters, they have launched an insect army.

Oh no, an Ant Invasion! There’s only one thing that SFWA needs now. Some music for a future age.

You may not like it now but you will
The future will not stand still

Cheers Adam, that was perfect.

2 thoughts on “Here Comes The Insect Invasion

  1. EXACTLY!!! Don’t be square be there!

    You want a thrill so you come and see me
    A cheap line in fantasy
    But I’m still searching for the…

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