Here Comes the Fannish Inquisition

SMOFcon is taking place this weekend in Chicago. Kevin is there, and one of the things he has been doing is videoing the Fannish Inquisition sessions.

For those not in the know, the Fannish Inquisition is that part of SMOFcon where current and future bids for Worldcon, NASFiC and SMOFcon make presentations and are interrogated by the audience of seasoned conrunners. If you are interested in attending, or voting for, future conventions, this is a very good way to get information.

Altogether there are 17 videos in the playlist. They include presentations from the Helsinki (2017) and San José (2018) Worldcons and the San Juan (2017) NASFiC. Some of the presentations are for hoax bids, because fandom is incapable of being serious all of the time. Norm Cates makes the presentation for the New Zealand in 2020 Worldcon bid by video link. Other future Worldcon bids include Dublin (2019), France (2013) and the UK (2024).

You can find all of those videos here.