Gaming Goes Meta

We are quite used to new novels referring back to things that have gone in the past, and even including fictional novels inside them. But can gaming go meta as well? Apparently so. James Maliszewski’s excellent Grognardia blog introduces us to the new role-playing game, Mazes & Minotaurs. On the face of it this is just another standard RPG, but set in ancient Greece rather than in a cod medieval world. However, M&M has been published in two editions, an “Original Rules” set, riffing off the original Dungeons & Dragons, and a “1987 revised edition”, riffing off AD&D. See reviews here and here.

I have no idea whether the game is any good, and I don’t have time for gaming these days anyway, but I am mightily amused that someone has seen fit to publish a game in such a way.