Friends In Need

Very few writers make enough from their craft to support themselves, let alone a family, and in these difficult economic times the support systems that they rely on to keep them going can fall away. But, being creative folks, they often come up with good ideas to keep the cash coming in. Cat Valente is one of my favorite authors, and she’s just come up with a new project. I’m sure it will be worth reading, and I hope that some of the people who read it will want to help pay for it. More details here.

Meanwhile my good friend Jay Lake is having a difficult time with a another unpleasant enemy: cancer. Jay is a fabulous writer, and I’m looking forward to seeing many more books from him in the future. What he needs most right now is our friendship, and the knowledge that many, many people out there are wanting him to pull through. Spare a thought for him, please.

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