Forthcoming Events Reminder

As people have been asking, here’s what’s coming up in the next couple of months.

This Saturday I will be in Oxford for the Write Fantastic 5th Anniversary Convention. Juliet McKenna has a great collection of writers lined up. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there. I doubt that I’ll make the first panel (sorry Kari!) but I should make it in time for the politics in fantasy panel.

Over the weekend May 22/23 I will be at the Bristol Comics Expo. BristolCon will have a table there (we’ll be in the small press expo in the Mercure). This is a good time to remind you that our membership rates go up after the expo, so if you want to take advantage of the £15 rate, buy now! We’ll be taking a decision on how much programme space to book based on the number of members we have by the end of the expo, so if you want us to run more programme you need to book early.

I have sadly given up on getting a room in Epinal for Imaginales. Some medical conference has booked most of the hotel space and event the con regulars are struggling. So no France for me this year. I will, however, be going to see David Mitchell in Bath at the end of May.

The beginning of June sees the first ever Stoke Newington Literary Festival. I doubt that I’ll be there, but it will apparently have China Miéville, Jon Courtenay-Grimwood and Toby Litt. It may be worth a look if you are in London.

On June 12th I will definitely be at Alt.Fiction in Derby, which has a stellar line-up of the usual suspects.

In July I am going to Finncon. That will take a big chunk out of my month.

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  1. I had been very much looking forward to meeting you at Finncon, but sadly I wont be able to go this year. We have a wedding for 70 people that weekend and it would be unprofessional to leave my partner to struggle with that on her own.

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