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I spent most of today in Bristol. Part of that was for a Bristolcon committee meeting — putting our plans together for Eastercon — but I also got some shopping in. That included a fabulous new jacket (at 40% off) and new books by Al Reynolds and Glenda Larke, but mostly I bought food.

Bristol appears to be a pretty foodie place, which suits me just fine. My first port of call was Threthowan’s Dairy, a place that sells a range of cheeses made from unpasteurised milk. It is really good stuff. I’ll doubtless blog more about it in the coming months. Bay Area folks, if you can get to Cowgirl Creamery, ask for Gorwydd Caerphilly.

Trethowan’s is in St. Nicholas’ Market, and that is also home to the Hot Sauce Emporium, which claims to be the first specialist chili sauce shop in the UK. There I purchased this stuff, which looks to be absolutely divine.

There are also a number of fine looking cafes. I tend to eat in Sourdough Cafe, because it reminds me of San Francisco and because they serve lovely little shots of high quality Mexican hot chocolate. I’m also keen to try PieMinster. Both places are reviewed here, along with a whole lot more interesting Bristol venues.

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  1. Is that the chilli farm that holds a chilli festival every year? I saw a TV article about the festival on one of the Saturday morning cooking shows some months ago. It seemed a pretty cool event and attracted people from all over England, and some visitors from the continent.

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