Follow You, Follow Me

Michael Walsh sent me a link to this article which is a set of humorous definitions of online media terms. I particularly liked this one:

Follower — n. A person who pretends to be interested in what you are doing in hopes that you will pretend to be interested in what they are doing.

(That reminds me, by the way, that Fluff Cthulhu now has a Twitter account and is looking for minions.)

The other definition that caught my eye was this one:

Google Street View — n. A service newly expanded into Great Britain that stalks hapless subjects of the Queen who vomit on their shoes after one too many pints.

If you are asking yourself, “have British newspapers sunk so low that they actually had someone trawl through Google Street View footage until they found film of someone throwing up?” the answer, sadly, is “yes, and it took them less than 24 hours to come up with the idea.”

2 thoughts on “Follow You, Follow Me

  1. “yes, and it took them less than 24 hours to come up with the idea.”

    But it was The Sun or something, right?

  2. the travels on google maps street view are awesome / keeping my addresss out of the net. footage is non real time/ approx 1 yr old. go to where youve been on google maps / the next best thing to not being there/ stay connected

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