February Fringe – Ken Shinn, Jonathan Pinnock, Snorri Kristjansson

The podcasts for the February BristolCon Fringe readings are now available online. Here are the links.

First up we have Ken Shinn doing his first ever public reading of his first ever published story, which is in Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion. He’s a very brave fellow, stepping in for Scott Lewis at the last minute. My profuse apologies for a few sound problems during the reading that I haven’t been able to edit out.

Next up is Jonathan Pinnock who does science fiction poetry and flash fiction. I had no idea that there was such a thing as Reverse Fibonacci format for poetry. Jonathan also reads the prologue of this novel, Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens which is, naturally, set in Bath.

Finally we are entertained by Snorri Kristjansson who provides us with tales of his Viking ancestors, including a world premiere of an extract from his forthcoming novel, Blood Will Follow. Too much ale is consumed, fights break out, a certain amount of murder may happen.

Finally I get to chat to our guests. In this podcast Ken talks about being a debut writer and Jonathan fills in the shameful gap in my knowledge of the world with respect to Johnny Vegas. I ask Snorri about the worship of Thor and Loki. We discuss historical accuracy, and Snorri tells a joke about the Finns and vodka, thereby proving that he does a pretty good Kimi Raikkonen impression.

Next week the March Fringe event will feature Rosie Oliver, Roz Clarke and (floods and government willing), the mysterious, vanishing Scott Lewis. I’ll blog more about that later in the week.