Fantastic Women

As you may have seen here in comments, Kari Sperring was a bit concerned that Ian Sales’ list of women SF writers marginalized women who only wrote fantasy. Ian suggested that she did her own list, so she has done. You can find it here. Please add your own suggestions if you have any.

Update: And I should also point you at the Feminist SF Wiki. If you want to do more detailed biographic work about a woman writer, artist or whatever, that would be a good place to post it. (You are welcome to try Wikipedia, but don’t blame me if you spend half your time fighting edit wars against male editors who challenge the importance of any women they see pages created for.)

3 thoughts on “Fantastic Women

  1. If you want to see content go to Wikipedia and don’t wish to fight to create a page, let me know and I’ll help.

    netmouse (at) reaches me…

  2. I can’t take credit for suggesting anything to Kari. I think her fantasy list is a great idea, but at most I might have provided an example – except I’m nowhere near the first to do what I did. The topic is currently dominating parts of the sf conversation, and I responded to that.

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