December Fringe Podcasts

The podcasts from the December BristolCon Fringe event are now online. You can find them all at our Podbean account, but to save you clicking through, here they all are. The readers are Kevlin Henney, a flash fiction writer whom you have probably not heard of but should have, and Jo Hall, the Chair of BristolCon and a writer of doorstop fantasy novels. Do take a listen, there’s some really good stuff here.

Here’s Kevlin with two stories. The first has a bit of death and destruction, and the second destroys the planet.

Here’s Jo with a world exclusive, the first chapter from The Art of Forgetting: Nomad. A certain amount of torture happens.

And finally here’s one more story from Kevlin (with murder and inter-species sex). Afterwards I do a brief Q&A with both authors.

The first volume in Jo’s massive fantasy novel, The Art of Forgetting: Rider, is available from the Wizard’s Tower bookstore.