Danger, Evil British at Work

Thankfully I don’t get a lot of loony right wing spam, and when I do it is mostly not worth bothering with because it is American in origin and therefore follows the same tired tracks of blaming the international conspiracy of godless Communists, gays, feminists and latterly scientists for all of the evil in the world. Today, however, I got spam from Australia, and the Aussies, bless them, still believe that there can be no greater danger to the world than the awful British. (Well, we did beat them at cricket this year, you know.)

Right wing loony spam arriving at this time is almost inevitably about the great “hoax” of climate change, and how it is going to be used to deprive people of their natural human right to drive big cars anywhere for free. The Australians, however, have uncovered a much greater plot. Those dastardly Brits have plans to massacre 5 billion people, and establish a world government! Yes, really, we do.

How do they come to this conclusion? Well apparently the UK government is merely a front of this organization. And of course all forms of birth control are actually murder. The world government thing is a little more obscure, but it appears to be because Gordon wants some form of international agreement on carbon emissions, and any international agreement is “world government”.

So now you know. Don’t have anything to do with those dastardly British, particularly that David Attenborough fellow who is apparently one of the brains behind all this evil. They are all wannabe Fascist dictators thirsting to set new records in genocide.

8 thoughts on “Danger, Evil British at Work

  1. Glad to know that the Real crazy conservatives aren’t all Americans. I get it worst than you do because I am a conservative (believe in a balanced budget amongst other sane conservative things). There are Americans who think the UN is a front for a Global government. Part of that fear is that we will lose freedom by supporting the UN.

  2. I know I should be relieved that (we) Jews have fallen of the list of the evil sekrit conspiracies running and ruining the world from dark-but-well-appointed back rooms in the diamond district of Antwerp, but… I dunno… Somehow if feels marginalising to be disregarded so wantonly after so long at the top of the list.

  3. When I was in Montreal a local gentlemen informed me that the world economic crash had been orchestrated by the Queen. In person. I observed ‘Mais elle n’a pas de pouvoir’ and was told that that is just what she pretends in order to fool us.

  4. They’ve merely stumbled across what the anime world has known all along– that all British people, underneath their polite, cultured, and well-dressed facades, are secretly in the final stages of an elaborate plot to bring back the British Empire! (Unless the anime is set in a future where that’s already happened, like Code Geass.)

    Americans in anime, by contrast, are all born knowing how to use guns and explosives, but are apparently too violent and shortsighted to put together any proper attempt at world domination.

  5. I have a friend working for one of the global management consutling organisations. He is based in London and is responsilble of the organisation’s consultancy offerings to public sector/government agencies/ministries etc… across the world. He carries the title:

    “Head of World Government”

    If you’re good I’ll introduce you to my friend, Mr. World President.

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