Coronavirus – Day #112

Yes, I forgot to post yesterday. I was watching Hamilton, which is a very powerful piece of musical theatre about a deeply problematic subject. Daveed Diggs is superb in it, but then you knew that.

Today there was an actual Grand Prix, with a great finish, and the local boy came in 3rd. Go Lando! Motor racing is a bizarre thing for Somerset to be good at, given that our roads are highly unsuited to racing, but we might just have another World Champion in the making.

Also today we had another fun WiFi SciFi event. Thanks as always to Anne for organising it.

If the media are to be believed, most of the UK population spent the weekend in the pub. Thankfully none of them will be coming home here, and if they truly want to gain their freedom (from this mortal coil) who am I to stop them?

The contrast between the strict security and hygiene in place at the Grand Prix, and the “let’s all grab a pint or ten together” attitude of the UK government could not be more stark. Our country would be better off being run by a bunch of petrolheads.