Congratulations, Genevieve!

I see from Locus that the winner for this year’s Crawford Award for a first fantasy book has been announced. And the winner is: Genevieve Valentine for Mechanique, which I reviewed here. I am very happy about this, though all of the books on the short list are very interesting and well worth a look.

You will see from the announcement that I had a small part to play in the selection of the short list and winners. My thanks as ever to Gary K. Wolfe, who administers the award, and my fellow members of the advisory group who make the task of selecting the books very enjoyable.

Congratulations are also due to Paula Guran who edited Mechanique, and to Sean Wallace, the publisher.

You can buy ebook editions of Mechanique from the Wizard’s Tower bookstore.

One thought on “Congratulations, Genevieve!

  1. Well done, Genevieve! I picked up a copy of this book at the Reno Worldcon, and quite enjoyed this steampunkish novel. I have reviewed the novel in a past issue of Dominion Dispatch, available if anyone would like to see it.

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