Cheese Shoppery

I had to go into Bath today. I had run out of my stock of paper copies of Dark Spires so I needed to collect some more from Colin before I go to London this weekend. If you are going to be at the British Fantasy Society meeting on Friday night I’ll have copies available there.

But as I was going I figured I might as well get a celebratory wedge of Cornish Blue. After all, what’s the point of having awards if it doesn’t encourage people to buy things? While I was in Paxton & Whitfield I also noticed a cheese called Richard III. As you might guess, this is from Yorkshire. In fact it is a Wensleydale. But it is a lot creamier than the usual Wensleydales you get in grocery stores here. The makers claim that it is more true to the traditional recipe for the cheese. Of course this may all be part of an evil plot to make people think that Richard III was a really nice guy after all. Paul Cornell has something to say about that in an upcoming issue of Knight & Squire. But the cheese is very nice, unless you are a Lancastrian in which case you may not be able to stomach it.

Bath has a big craft market on for a couple of weeks at this time of year, and wandering through it on my way back to the railway station I noticed one of the Gorwydd chaps had a stall there. I trotted over to congratulate him and replenish my stocks. On the basis of our conversation it looks like there may be some more exciting awards news soon, but that will have to wait for the official press release.

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