Brief Political Interlude

Not being a US citizen, I’m trying to stay out of the Presidential circus. However, I couldn’t resist linking to this post on The Economist’s blog which explains why the Republican candidates can’t be trusted to run the economy. Money shot for most of the world:

Last night’s Republican presidential debate was representative. Candidates displayed a number of disconcerting opinions on current economic topics. They expressed deep discomfort with foreign trade, repugnance at labour mobility, ignorance of the workings of monetary policy, and routine incoherence.

And special money shot for Kevin:

In terms of additional transportation system capacity per dollar spent, improved rail service would beat new highway lanes hands down.

I do, however, have a sneaking suspicion that what The Economist thinks is bad about the Republican candidates is going to cause some staunch Democrats to conclude that maybe Republicans aren’t so bad after all. Funny stuff, politics.