Bourbon Street Browsing

Well, this is New Orleans all right. The French Quarter reminds me a bit of Soho in London, except that the sidewalks are rather more decrepit and the sex clubs don’t appear to have any limits on what they can show outside. But Soho has nothing like Bourbon Street. We started out with a nice little seafood restaurant (alligator nuggets to start, crab-stuffed flounder for me, crawfish for Kevin), and then found our way to Maison Bourbon, where we spent a happy hour or so listening to Jamil Sharif and his band play some excellent jazz. There were half a dozen or so other music clubs I would happily have spent time in, but the blues and rock clubs, having electric instruments, tended to be very loud. And anyway, jazz was what we have come for, and Jamil was very good. So far, so good.

By the way, alligator, much to my surprise, is not like crocodile. It looked more like pork than chicken, for all that they cooked it as if it was chicken.