BBC Looks Down Nose

It appears that the BBC has begun a series about fantasy literature. Over at The Guardian’s book blog, Damien G Walter complains that the first program in the series is unimaginative and patronizing, and gives the impression that fantasy literature is only for kids. Gee, what a surprise. I suppose I should be outraged, but actually I’m just bored. Finding minorities to patronize is what the media does. It would be nice if the BBC did an intelligent series about the work produced by people like M. John Harrison and Rob Holdstock (to pick just two high profile British names), but they’ll get much bigger ratings for a program that is about JK Rowling and Philip Pullman and which suggests that anyone over the age of 10 who reads that stuff is a pathetic geek. Still, mustn’t judge without seeing it. Episode 1 is still available on the iPlayer, and it has a brief clip of China in it. I’m happy to watch it just for that.