Aussie Party No Beer Shock!

There were some very red faces amongst the Melbourne contingent this evening. The bid parties are being held in function space at the Sheraton, and the hotel won’t let alcohol be served. Of course this meant that that more money could be spent on food, and there was a decent spread put on for all of the uber-SMOFs who are gathered here the day before the con begins. Also spotted in the party were Bob Silverberg, Mike Resnick and David Hartwell, not to mention the only member from Malaysia – Glenda Larke, who I was delighted to get to meet at last. It looks like a Worldcon is underway.

But not for everyone. David might be here, but Kathryn Cramer is not. Apparently this is the last week of Summer Camp, and the junior Hartwells absolutely cannot leave for Denver. Far too much fun is being had. So all those of you who think that an early August Worldcon is good for parents with kids, think again. The middle of the month is apparently better.

Anyway, I have arranged to record a short chat with Stephen Boucher about the fabulous new convention facilities in Melbourne. That will probably happen on Thursday, fingers crossed, so it will be a few more days before I can edit it and get it online.

Meanwhile Geri Sullivan and Glenn Gazer have been enthusing to me about the exhibits that Colin Hinz has brought to go along with the mimeo demo. This is going to be good.