Archipelacon – Day 1

As you may have guessed, life has been a bit hectic. There has been a lot of travel. There has also been a lot of day job, though you won’t have seen that. But because of it there is now a lot of last minute preparation for panels and the like, which should have been done days ago. Add that to a distinct lack of sleep and it is a minor miracle that I can type straight.

Anyway, I am here in Mariehamn. The con is going well. It has been great to catch up with a whole lot of people I haven’t seen in ages, especially George & Parris, and Gary K. Wolfe, all of whom are GoHs.

Thus far I have done one panel. It was about the Puppies and what to do about them. Hopefully I managed to convey the fact that there’s not much any individual can do because of the determined way in which WSFS refuses to give anyone any power. All that Kevin, or I, or anyone else can do is try to make things better and hope that sufficient people come along with us. No matter what we do, large numbers of people will think we failed, because so many people refuse to believe that there isn’t a secret cabal running everything.

Tomorrow I just have the one panel, which is the LGBT one, but I am so massively behind on everything that I’ll probably be spending much of the day in the hotel doing preparation.