Access All Futures

I’m delighted to see that Accessing the Future, the anthology project for disability-themed speculative fiction, has reached its first funding goal. That means that the project will definitely happen. However, I really want to see it reach the first stretch goal, because that will double the payment to authors (from 3c/word to the full SFWA rate of 6c/word). Obviously paying authors well is good, but by paying professional rates the anthology will also attract a much higher quality of submissions. So if you haven’t backed the crowdfunding project yet, please go here and consider doing so.

Yeah, I know it is daft of me to want to improve the quality of submissions when I’m planning to submit a story, but it is the quality of the anthology that is important, OK? If you don’t encourage better writers to submit, you might end up having to read a story by me, and you won’t want that, do you.