A US F1 Team?

Today’s BBC news brings a report that a new Formula 1 team may join the circus in 2010. It will be headed by none other than Peter Windsor, who is a former manager of the Williams team as well as being one of the sport’s best known journalists.

The team is apparently to be known (at least for now) as USF1. The cars will be built in North Carolina and the drivers will all be American. Names being suggested include Scott Speed, Marco Andretti and Danica Patrick.

Now if only someone would get on and buy the Honda team so that our Jensen was guaranteed a drive for this year.

One thought on “A US F1 Team?

  1. I’ll miss his work as Speed Channel’s grid guy and the post-race interviews, but hey, if this works out, it should be a great thing for the sport. OTOH, if the team doesn’t do well, it will fall prey to the American attitude toward sport, summed up as, “If our team can’t dominate, then it can’t be very important.”

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