A Rugby Legend #RIPJonah

Not Welsh, but absolutely one of the greatest players ever to grace a rugby field. Lomu had great speed for a big man, but he also didn’t believe much in skipping around defenders. He ran through them, ran over them, and in some cases kept on running with tacklers hanging onto him. We won’t see his like again for many a year.

International reaction and tributes seem to be being best done by the Telegraph.

Thanks to Jon Courtney Grimwood for finding the great YouTube posting I used above.

One thought on “A Rugby Legend #RIPJonah

  1. An astonishing player and a true one-off.

    (It would have been nice, however, if the World Service interviewer hadn’t asked our Minister of Sport whether Jonah inspired “the indigenous people”. He may well have done, but not because he was Maori. His family is Tongan.)

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