A Quick #VATMOSS Update (#EUVAT)

While I have been busy rushing back and fore across the Atlantic, Juliet McKenna and the other women involved in the VATMOSS campaign have been very busy.

On Tuesday there was another Twitter storm, which is where the #EUVAT hashtag comes from. There is a report on that here. The short version is that it was a big success, and that it very much got the attention of people in Brussels.

If this was a normal time of year, we might actually get some action before the new law is implemented. However, it is a time of year when many people won’t be in the office for a couple of weeks. Therefore the chances of anything happening in time are pretty much zero. However, the chances of getting something done early in the New Year are starting to look better. What we need now is to keep up the pressure on Brussels. To find out how to do that, go here.