A Cooking Thing

This morning Jo Hall posted one of those question game things to Farcebook. You are supposed to re-post it on you own page with your own answers, but as I hate posting anything to Farcebook I’m doing mine here.

I should note that it is a very American quiz. Some of the questions make no sense unless you are familar with American cuisine. This gives me a slight advantage. Here are my answers.

Kevin – if I have forgotten anything I made for you, let me know.

1. Made biscuits (it means scones) from scratch? Yes
2. Cooked fresh okra or squash? Yes
3. Made Homemade soup? Clam chowder FTW!
4. Fried chicken? Yes
5. Made spaghetti sauce from scratch? Yes and I’m doing it this evening
6. Made Homemade rolls/cinnamon rolls? No, because I’d have to eat them all immediately
7. Baked a cake from scratch? Yes
8. Made icing from scratch? Don’t think so, too much sugar
9. Cooked a pot roast with all the veggies? That’s what a slow cooker is for
10. Made chili from scratch? So many times
11. Made a meatloaf? I leave that to Jim Steinman
12. Made potato salad? Salad is not cooking
13. Made mac/cheese from scratch? Nope
14. Made any pies from scratch? Yes, but pastry is a pain
15. Made sausage from scratch? No
16. Made fudge? No
17. Made cookies from scratch? Yes
18. Cooked a pot of dried beans? Probably not, I generally use tinned
19. Cooked a pot of greens? Why a pot?
20. Made cornbread from scratch? For the chili, obviously
21. Make a pie dough from scratch? See pies
22. Cooked a whole turkey? No, I’m usually only cooking for one these days
23. Snap’d green beans & cooked them? No
24. Made mashed potatoes from scratch? Only monsters make it any other way
25. Prepared a meal for 30 plus people? Might have helped cook a Far Isles banquet
26. Made homemade tortillas? Obviously I’ve made burittos (even cooked my own carnitas), but I haven’t made the tortillas
27. Made pancakes from scratch? Yes
28. Roasted vegetables in the oven instead of boiling them? Yes
29. Made pasta from scratch? No
30. Made tamales from scratch? Dont think so (Kevin?)
31. Made tuna or chicken salad? Salad, yeuch
32. Fried Fish ? Yes
33. Made baked beans? I have made meals with beans
34. Made ice cream from scratch? Yes
35. Made jam or jelly? No
36. Zested an orange or lemon? Obviously
37. Made grits from scratch? It’s a sort of porridge, of course not
38. Made an omelet? Probably
39. Made homemade pizza? Yes unless it means have you made the dough
40. Lived in a house without a dishwasher ? Yes
41. Salt cured a whole salmon? No