A Brief #VATMOSS Update

Thanks to the fine folks at Enterprise Nation, Juliet McKenna was one of many concerned people who got to meet a bunch of HMRC and Treasury bods in Westminster yesterday. As you’ll see from this report, Wizard’s Tower got mentioned. That also led to our getting a mention in the Financial Times today. It is behind a pay wall and they got their facts wrong, but hey, my little publishing company got mentioned in the FT.

It is a little early yet to know exactly what will come of this, but from what Juliet has told me we have at least been listened to, rather than getting fobbed off with platitudes as has been the case before. Also the government now has a much better idea of the scale of the problem.

While the possibility of getting the UK government onside is encouraging, these regulations are EU-wide, and we won’t be able to fix the problem without taking the campaign to Brussels. I have spent part of today emailing friends in Europe trying to find out how other countries are tacking the issue. If you happen to know anything about the situation in other EU countries, please get in touch.