The Cause of all the Trouble

I’ve been trying to downplay this year’s Hugo win because, despite what SMOFdom might say, it is very little to do with me. Clarkesworld is justifiably famous because of the quality of its fiction. I hope that the non-fiction I buy is good, but on its own it would never have won any awards. I’m very much hoping that we win the World Fantasy Award as well, not because I want a Howie (though that would be nice), but because I want Neil to have the honor of collecting a trophy for his magazine.

Having said that, I am rather pleased with the new shiny toy, and this year’s dress was a big hit, so I think a photo is in order. This one is by Tom Becker and is the best I have found thus far.

Me and my Hugo, 2010 style

5 thoughts on “The Cause of all the Trouble

  1. So glad the Hugo got home safe & sound – lovely pic, though the dress was even better live! Great pleasure to meet you at the end of the transgender in YA panel 🙂

    1. I thought it was very kind of the Australians to design the Hugo base so that the colors matched my dress. They did the Campbell plaque to match Seanan’s dress too.

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