Aussiecon 4 Provisional Program

Here is my provisional program schedule for Aussiecon 4.

Trans characters in YA spec fic
An exploration of Trans characters in YA speculative fiction.
Thursday 1700 Room 213

Is criticism dead?
What role does the literary critic play in modern science fiction? Do readers continue to base their book choices on critical recommendation, or are they more easily swayed by their friends and by cover design and marketing? A no-holds-barred look at the role of the critic in the 21st century – are we a dying breed?
Friday 1300 Room 204

Science fiction and graphic novels
The Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story was introduced in 2009, bringing an entirely new medium of SF into formal consideration. Two years into use, how is this new category working out? Is the best science fiction and fantasy in graphic form being nominated? A look at what is currently being produced in science fiction and fantasy comics, manga and graphic novels at the moment, where the five 2010 nominees fit in, and where SF fans should be looking to for next year’s best candidates.
Saturday 1500 Room 212

I’m sorely tempted to wear a zombie costume to the “Is criticism dead?” panel, but I have no space in my luggage allowance for fun stuff. (This is due to the internal flights I’m taking which have 20kg limits.)

2 thoughts on “Aussiecon 4 Provisional Program

  1. Science fiction and graphic novels

    I would be interested in what is said here.

    I think Brubaker’s Incognito and Warren Ellis’ Ignition City seem to have been overlooked. Both were well written and illustrated homages to the days of pulp and comic strip science fiction.

    I would currently label this category the best Science fiction graphic novels that people who do not read graphic novels on a regular basis know about, so its dominated by material written by SF regular fans and authors.

    1. Jeff: You are so right. I’m planning on doing a post tomorrow asking for recommendations, but thanks for a good start.

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