Best Fannish Cat Nominees Announced

As you may recall, this year’s Ditmar Awards have a special category for Best Fannish Cat. I’m still a bit peeved that the rules required Australian residency, so I wasn’t eligible, but the nominees have just been announced and I think you’ll all agree that they are very fine felines indeed. The nominees are:

  • Tabby Allen
  • Felix Blackford
  • Peri Peri Canavan
  • Flicker Gillespie
  • Pazuzu Sparks

You can find photos and biographies of all the nominees at the Dudcon III website. You have to buy a Dudcon III membership in order to vote, but it is all in the good cause of supporting the Ditmars, the other categories of which are far more sane.

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7 Responses to Best Fannish Cat Nominees Announced

  1. David Cake (who is running the Ditmars this year) says:

    To be pedantic – Best Fannish Cat is NOT a Ditmar. It is a special award of the convention, that will be announced at the same ceremony as the Ditmars, but it isn’t run by the same process.

    • Cheryl says:

      Ha! Speciesism! We shall walk around with our tails in the air mewling plaintively.

      • David Cake (who is running the Ditmars this year) says:

        no speciesism as all. Cats are, in fact, eligible for all the other categories. It is our fault if no cat wrote a novel that was good enough to make ballot!

  2. Randy Smith says:

    It occurs to me that I proposed this as a Hugo category several years ago. I never wrote it up and submitted it, though. I thought at the time that Patches Smith, my faithful companion for nearly 18 years, would have been a shoe-in.

  3. martha says:

    My Neri wishes you to know that she is offended to the very tips of her clean black and white paws at being excluded from consideration for this award because of rampant geographism.

  4. Rene says:

    Proof that it’s not speciecism:

    “The Campbell Awards (Not a Hugo)”

    “The Best Fannish Cat Award (Not a Ditmar)”

  5. Jim Worrad says:

    I want Tabby Allen to win. He has this photogenic quality similar to Bogart.

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