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  1. Sad, but true.

    I still maintain that the FA are to blame, here. Maybe not for the performance on the pitch today, but for creating a culture of Club Football in this Country where it is acceptable for a Premiership club to have a regular first team playing squad which only contains Two or Three players who are British, let alone English, in the supposedly ‘English Premier League’…

    Granted it’s often great football to watch, but it really doesn’t benefit our Nation Side whatsoever. Nor Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland for that matter. In order for Home Nation players to succeed on an International Stage they need to be playing against the best sides week in week out.

    They can hardly achieve that if they are being kept out of club side by the next Big Name player to be signed from Europe, Africa or South America.

    The odd investment CAN improve a Club Squad. But when 90%, or higher, of a team like Arsenal or Chelsea are non-British I personally think it’s a bit of an insult.

    1. The FA doesn’t have much say in this. Restricting employment at English clubs to English players would be contrary to EU employment law. The same applies to other European countries. A large number of the German team were born outside of Germany. The main reasons why the Premiership has so many non-English players are that it is one of the best places in the world for ambitious players to test their skills, and because so many non-English players have English as their first or second language, making it easy for them to adapt to living and working here.

  2. It’s sad. I am old enough to remember when watching England play in the World Cup was a 2 week long fiesta. I saw the ‘hand of God’ goal in a pub in Chelsea.

    I don’t know if Capello should stay or go. It wasn’t his fault that had Beckham sidelined with a major injury. Still………..

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