A Sport-Filled Day

Wow, that was busy. England v Slovenia; USA v Algeria; Germany v Ghana; Australia v Serbia; and the totally mad tennis match between Isner and Mahut. It’s all go.

The World Cup games were played simultaneously by group so teams wouldn’t know the result of the group rivals’ games in advance. That mean that the England and USA games were on at the same time. Kevin and I had a Skype party. I was watching England, he was watching USA, and we kept each other informed on the progress of the games by Skype video call. It was very nail-biting at the end.

While the games have been fun, I have been just as much entertained by Hyundai’s car football commercials. Kevin says they are not being shown in the US (which doesn’t surprise me, they do appear to have been scripted with England fans in mind) so here are the three games that have been played so far.

Brazil v Argentina

Italy v South Africa

England v Germany

5 thoughts on “A Sport-Filled Day

  1. Those Hyundai ads are wonderful! The handbrake of God, ROFL! They are the second best thing about the World Cup (the first is the All Whites’ 1-1 draw with Italy). I note that the British horribly mangle the pronunciation of Hyundai, which coming from a nation that pronounces the g in tagliatelle is hardly a surprise.

    1. They haven’t got a clue how to pronounce chipotle either.

      Having said that, these ads were produced by Hyundai themselves, so presumably they have elected to Anglicize their pronunciation in the hope of selling more cars here.

  2. Hi Cheryl
    Thanks for putting the car ads up. I’m glad you like them. (I am the copywriter who came up with the idea.) There’s actually a fourth game we are not allowed to show you any more. It was Spain V South Korea. The Spanish won the game 1-0…but it caused more than a little upset with our Korean client!

    All the best


    1. David: Thanks for dropping by. That’s a fabulous set of ads you have there. Sadly I can’t afford a car, but you have certainly sold me on your talent as an ad copywriter.

      I was rather hoping we’d see the semi-finals and final…

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