The Soccer Thing

So, the FIFA World Cup is about to kick off. I don’t really have a dog in this fight. Wales, as usual, didn’t come anywhere near qualifying. Kevin, of course, will be supporting USA, which makes their first game a bit awkward. Thankfully I shall be on the train on the way back from Alt.Fiction when it takes place. Like my Welsh, Scottish and Irish friends, I’ll be hoping that the English lads don’t embarrass themselves. On the other hand, we are mostly hoping that they don’t win, because the English fans will be insufferable if they do. So I will mainly be hoping for some entertaining games. In particular I’m looking forward to watching Lionel Messi, Spain, and of course Brazil. I’m also hoping for some surprises. Also I will be getting into the South African mood by reading Moxyland [buy isbn=”9780857660046″].

Meanwhile, Tesco has been having a big sale on gym equipment, so I have bought a stepper. That way, if the TV is busy showing sport and unavailable to run the Wii, I can still get some exercise.

And finally, for a scarily accurate prediction as to how the tournament is likely to go for England, here’s Mitch Benn.

11 thoughts on “The Soccer Thing

  1. I’m already finishing my transformation into the WILD, INSANE SOCCER FAN, something that only happens in the playoffs when my team is in the finals of the Brazilian Cup, OR… NOW, in the WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!

    (will try to act normally between matches)

  2. Ready for a great game between the US and England tomorrow. I don’t think the Americans have a prayer of winning it, but I think they can make the Quarters of the tournament with some luck.

    1. Rankings wise you should make the Quarters easily. No need for luck. I suspect you’ll top the group despite losing the opener because England will draw their other two games.

      1. I think England can be a trap game for the US because they are a rival to the US, but not for England. Alot of Americans aren’t convinced that their showing last year at the Confederations Cup was a fluke. I am one of them.

        I think we are only three deep at this point (Altadore, Donovan and Howard). To get past to the Quarters, American will have to rely on them a lot. Donovan hasn’t performed the best in the World Cup either. That is why I am leaning towards a Round of 16 loss. I think tomorrow’s game ends up as a 1-1 draw instead of a US loss because I think we match up better with England than many expect.

        1. Rankings have little value – especially between teams of different confederations. You can’t compare beating Costarica or Honduras and winning some friendlies or even the matches at the Confederations Cup with the results of teams that have to battle their way in the European groups.
          While I don’t think the USA start beaten against England, they surely shouldn’t expect to have already won the game against Slovenia, a solid team which doesn’t concede many goals and has eliminated, among others, the Czech Republic and Russia (finalist at the last European Championships).
          The USA can make the quarters – with some luck – but they could just as easily go out in the first round.

  3. Unusually I will be supporting England over France – in fact I will be supporting anyone over France in this world cup.

    Of course that will mean very little since I will also be avoiding watching it as much as possible….

  4. ” I don’t really have a dog in this fight. ”

    Well, Really!

    I note that as even though you are a declared Cat Person you don’t say ‘ Cat Fight ‘

    As a person who knows little about football, and who cares even less, I will say that I am in favor of the Under- Dog … whomsoever they might be.

    Does Papa New Guinea have a contestant team in this feet ball competition?

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