New Bay Area Convention

Here’s another reason to be sad that I can’t go back to San Francisco: I would like to attend FOGcon.

The cute name with the play on the Bay Area’s most famous weather condition stands for “Friends of Genre Convention”, but if you think that means it will be about pulp and the like you’d be wrong. The web site says it is, “a literary-themed San Francisco SF/F con in the tradition of Wiscon and Readercon.”

See, just my sort of thing. The first event will be March 11-13, 2011 and the Honored Guests are Pat Murphy and Jeff VanderMeer.

Timmi Duchamp Rachel Swirsky [fixed per comment below], who is on the committee, has more details.

Have fun folks, wish I could be there.

7 thoughts on “New Bay Area Convention

  1. Actually, that post was made by Rachel Swirsky, who is on the concom. Timmi is not.

    Thanks for mentioning us!

  2. Ooo, actual information! I found out about that convention a couple months ago, but at the time the Web site just had a banner and a login form, so I presumed it wasn’t for public consumption.

    Sounds like fun, but if I’m able to go to Potlatch next year, I’ll almost certainly not be able to go to this one…

  3. Some people are planning to come to Potlatch, tour San Francisco during the week, and stay for FOGcon. I understand that’s not possible for everyone, but it might be an option to consider. It certainly saves on plane fare, and you get a nice vacation in the middle there.

    1. Yes, and come what may, I’m hoping to do much the same thing in February with Corflu and DunDraCon. But if I make it to Potlatch… erm, well, it’ll mean my own Sekrit Project which I can’t talk about yet will be happening, and that will definitely keep me from attending FOGcon.

  4. It’s a nicely designed site – a box of tasty Kudos to whoever designed it.

    Which brings me to my one kvetch: the utter lack of names of people involved. Y’know, like who is in charge of Programming? Publications? That sort of thing.

    If the names are there on the site, I couldn’t find them.

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